Tinakori: Critical Journal of the Katherine Mansfield Society

Tinakori, the Critical Journal of the Katherine Mansfield Society is an official online series, recognised by the British Library and with its own ISSN number: ISSN 2514-6106

If you have an essay on Katherine Mansfield which you would like us to consider publishing in our Online Series please contact the Editors of Tinakori, Dr Kym Brindle and Dr Karen D'Souza, at kms@katherinemansfieldsociety.org 

CFP for issue 4 is available now as a PDF

All essays submitted will be double peer-reviewed prior to acceptance.

Tinakori Issue 3

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‘All Sorts of Lives’: Katherine Mansfield’s Ecopoetics in ‘At the Bay’ 
Justyna Kostkowska 

The Boss’s Office: Space, Power, and Trauma in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘The Fly’ 
Sara Krolewski 

‘Sitting in other people’s lives’: Inspiration, Influence and Modernist Literary Sensibilities in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Miss Brill’ and Violette Leduc’s The Lady and the Little Fox Fur 
Sharon Gordon 

Tinakori Issue 2

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‘Before art can be human again, it must first learn to be brutal’: Katherine Mansfield, the self and Rhythm
Louise Edensor

‘I want for one moment to make our undiscovered country leap into the eyes of the Old World’: The Depiction of Home in Katherine Mansfield’s Later Stories
Lotta Schneidemesser

Repeated ‘Mouths’ in Katherine Mansfield’s Writing
Eiko Nakano

Beneath the Performance: Identity in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Miss Brill’ and Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Biography
Kristin Bryant Rajan

Tinakori Issue 1 

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A Distant Reading of Katherine Mansfield and Virginia 
By Supatra Gill

‘Cast Aside’ – An Extra in the Pictures: Mansfield’s Modernist Representation of the Marginal 
Anthony Stepniak

After Hornsey Lane: Beauchamp Forebears 
Jennifer Walker

Katherine Mansfield: Fifty Years After 
Moira Taylor

‘Complementary Cousins: Constructing the Maternal in the Writing of Elizabeth von Arnim and Katherine Mansfield’ 
Isobel Maddison

A Second Flowering
Isobel Maddison