Heron: Creative Journal of the Katherine Mansfield Society

Heron #4 is now open for submissions. As always we welcome creative responses to Katherine Mansfield's life and writing, poetry, fiction or memoir. However, the editor is particularly interested in receiving works reflecting on KM and Covid-19. With the planet fighting a pandemic, and some way to go before Covid-19 is sufficiently tamed for us to establish a new normal, how might KM's writing reflect what we are all going through now? How might she inspire us to respond creatively to such times of hardship and uncertainty?

Please send submissions for consideration to the KMS Publication Coordinator at db0110665@gmail.com

All submissions will be double peer-reviewed before acceptance.

Heron, the Creative Journal of the Katherine Mansfield Society is an official online series, recognised by the British Library and with its own ISSN number: ISSN 2514-6092

'The mind I love must have wild places...' 

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