Menton feedback

29 September 2009

Gerri Janet Sue Delia Tracey and Sarah Dennis and all who contributed that was an amazing symposium - such a terrific venue, stunning, and an energetic, intellectual, engaging and creative symposium , well managed, and well planned team - and the building of scholarship -at every turn the sense we were all making something new here -bringing something sensitive into being - with the mediterranean as a backdrop and the sunshine - unforgettable - thank you so much.           Gina


Gina Wisker is coordinator of Women's Studies at Anglia Polytechnic University in Cambridge, UK where she is also director of learning and teaching development and teaches English literature. Her publications range from postcolonial: Postcolonial and African and American Women's Writing: A Critical Introduction (Macmillan 2000), Insights into Black Women's Writing (Macmillan 1993), to horror and fantasy: It's My Party: Reading Twentieth Century Women's Writing (ed.1994), Fatal Attractions: Rescripting Romance in Contemporary Literature and Film (ed.Lynne Pearce 1998)