Cathy Downes’s The Case of Katherine Mansfield

9 September 2012

New Zealand has given us the Haka, an odd prehistoric earth-bound bird, and thankfully, Katherine Mansfield.

NZ’s best known modernist writer spent years in London cavorting about town with the likes of D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf, penning her own stories such as The Garden Party and The Fly. Her remarkable life and work have been adapted for the stage by prominent kiwi playwright Cathy Downes in The Case of Katherine Mansfield, which evokes “a picture as radiant and mysterious as her subject” according to the New Zealand Herald.

Kiwi native, Rosanna Easton will bring this intimate story to life for the Sydney Fringe Festival under Ashley Hawkes’ direction. Accompanied by cellist Simeon Johnson in the cosy setting of the upstairs lounge of Mr. Falcons Bar in Glebe, this is the sort of honest, daring theatre Mansfield herself would be proud of.

We’d be thrilled if you could join us for one of the five performances (7th September – 15th) to celebrate your inner Kiwi. This Fringe, don’t be an egg, pack your chilly bin and tramp on down to Mr. Falcons for some choice theatre.

BrokeBliss Productions