9 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

   But this is all a bit beside the mark. . . You are right. I think of Manouhkin more than anyone can imagine. I have as much faith in him as Koteliansky has. I hardly dare think of him fully. No, I dare not. It is too much. But about money I have £100 saved for this Last Chance and as soon as I know he can help me I shall make more. Work is ease, joy, light to me if I am happy. I shall not borrow from anyone if I can possibly help it. My family would not give me a penny. But I shall manage. I am not frightened of money for some blessed reason. I know I can make it. Once I am well I can make all I want - I don't want much. In fact my plans go on and on, and when I go to sleep I dream the treatment is over and I am running, or walking swiftly and carelessly by and no one knows I have been ill - no one hands me a chair in a shop. Ah, it is too much!
   This awful writing is frozen writing, Brett. I am writing with two icicles for fingers. We have 6 foot of snow here - all is frozen over and over even the birds tails. Is not that hideous cruelty. I have a large table for these precious atoms daily - and the first coconut in Switzerland is the BigJoint. They cant yet believe in the coconut. It overwhelms them. A special issue of the Bird Times is being issued, the bird who discovered it is to be photographed, interviewd, & received at Pluckingham Palace and personally conducted tours are being arranged.  [To Dorothy Brett, 9 January 1922.]