9 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Darling Marie,
  I was so delighted to hear from you. Fancy your leaves not out. We are as green as can be in Paris - no - not really ‘out" but all little crumpled new born leaves - most lovely. And we had that fine day you spoke of. It was a joy after the fierce ones there have been lately.
  I am so wondering if you and little J. are coming in May. Are you? We both hope so. I must say it seems as though my reaction is over and for the last three days I am marvellously better. I don't dare to say too much about it. But Ive been out, walking, bought a sweet-pretty-hat for a song, had my hair cut and altogether I feel absolutely a different human being. I shall be able to tell more in another week. But the doctors at the clinic were delighted yesterday and since I came to Paris I have gained 5 pounds! But if things go on at this rate, my darlings, we ought to have fun in May. The hat shop I found is a treasure - very cheap and very original. Tomorrow we are lunching with the Schiffs - South of France friends é and I shall cull addresses from Violet Schiff who always looks exquisite, in case you do come. You would really like this hotel immensely. Double room with private bath 25 francs a day - without food. Meals to be had on the premises - too much meat and not enough trimmings but we might dodge out for our meals in May. Its so warm then and the evenings are so exquisite in Paris. I want to lure you across. [To Charlotte Beauchamp Perkins, 8 April 1922.]