8 Mar

8 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

As soon as I get back (in 7 weeks) I shall arrange everything for you. I think the Cottage idea is the right one & we shall have a whole month there in the summer. L.M. & I will make it perfect. I do not ask you to spend one penny on P.V. I never have. All that we buy will be for the Heron & P.V. is our storehouse. Remember this, Bogey dear. I have already spent 200 francs on most lovely things for us here - cups, saucers, trays, boxes, exquisite oddments. I bought them with such deep joy but your letter makes me feel perhaps my joy was a little premature & you will not care so greatly. Its a great effort to love just now - isn't it? Ah, Bogey -
Darling - do not drink more wine than you need. It does you great harm. Won't you get Sorapure to give you some injections as you are over tired? May I write & ask him to come & see you?
And will you tell me in your very next letter whether you want Waterlow to stay on. As regards his money - I will pay the £13 a month. If you want him we must fit him in somehow. It is for you to say but please tell me won't you?
I feel your fatigue is dreadful. Take care of yourself my precious boy & remember that in seven weeks please God you will be able to hand over many of your worries to your own devoted for ever -
Your very own
Do confide in me if you possibly can - won't you?
[To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters, 7 March 1920]