8 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Dearest Brett,
   This is to catch the post as you say. As far as I know I shall leave for Paris on Monday fortnight; that is to say Monday week when it reaches you. We shant stay for more than a few days & we shall be so busy & the weather so bad that I wouldn't advise you to come. Then in spring we return & if Manouhkin will treat me we'll try for a flat in Paris & spend some months there. Happily our lease of this house is up at the end of May. That will be the time to come to Paris. but its so cold now, we shant stay a moment longer than necessary. And think of that vile Channel in this month! Or rather don't think of it!
   I lapped up your letter. The party sounded one of the old kind. Fancy the Puma still biting. It seems impossible. She has bitten & wept for years. And why is there always someone on the floor like that doctor? Oh, I do hate such parties. But I like to read about them. They make my eyes roll.
   Garsington, too. Isn't Julian a problem? What will she do? I think the trouble with her and Ottoline is that there is absolutely no love between them. There is nearly hate - isn't there? Or is that too strong. Julian will go her way though, in her own time. There is something urgent in her which won't be resisted. She interests me. She did when I saw her in France. I felt - there goes youth - with all that it means. I think her real fight will be with Philippo. There I can smell a battle. [To Dorothy Brett, 9 January 1922.]