8 Feb

8 February 1920

L'Hermitage, Menton - France

To Villa Flora. In the garden with the unhappy woman lying on the hard bench. Seeing them all at tea in their beauty. The Spanish brocade cloth, the piece of heliotrope. Jinnie's plan that I shall go and live there. Came back & wrote it all to Jack in delight. Then a nuit blanche, dreadful nightmare. I think I should like to join the Roman Catholic Church. I must have something!
[KM Notebooks]

Dear Darling
I received a letter from you yesterday saying (1) you had bought me an overcoat. I wish you hadn't. It is obvious that you raced to buy it & that you bought it with your little brains & nerves . . . You are the man in the Daudet story you know the man with the golden brain. But there. When it comes Ill see. Ill cherish it.
(2) You have paid £10 into my Bank. Now I am going to ask you if you can put another £10 in March. After that I shall need no more of your money.
(3) You've sold my book. With the £40 I shall spend £10 for living expenses in the mois d'Avril & the £30 for fares and travelling home. [. . .]
Another change in the near future. I have not mentioned it, but this place is intolerably noisy. I am so sensitive to noise - oh - so sensitive. It hurts me really. They bang my door other doors shout shriek crash -I cant endure it & really cant work or sleep. The doctor suggested une forte dose de Veronal for sleep. Merci. But really its bad. I just mentioned this to Jinnie. She came one day when I was feeling it a bit badly. Today she arrived with a carriage & fur rugs & silk cushions. Took me to their Villa - it is really superb - exquisite outside & in. They had a chaise longue in the garden - a tiny tray with black coffee out of a silver pot - grand marnier - cigarettes - little bunch of violets - all ready. Then we went in to tea. Their villa is really - Boge - its a dream. I mean even the furnishing is perfect.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]