8 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Later Your second letter has just come about Paris. But blow Paris for the moment. Don't think, my dear little precious artist, that because I am dumb until Wednesday week that I am changed a jot. For I am NOT! I loved your letter. Fancy old Sullivan in his cap with Sylvia? . . .They made such a funny drawing as you described them! I laughed as we laughed here together. Many many thanks for the hotel. Its too dear though. Its only for the Rich Bugs not for the Poor ones. But wait! I may have a small surprise for you on Wednesday week.
   What a bad man Murry is to put that tombstone in your parcel, and how just like him! Its surprising he did not ask you to take the oak chest back with you filled with books. He is having a very good time. The big lady sings something beautiful, Miss - Russian & French songs & they are very gay.
   Goodbye for now
                    Tig. [To Dorothy Brett, 7 August 1922.]