8 April 1921

8 April 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

It is a curious fact that once a writer has attained to a certain eminence we English cease to bother ourselves about him. There he is, recognized, accepted, labelled. 

     Keith and Isobel
Among the passengers by the afternoon boat was Keith Kember. He had his bicycle on board.

Reste toi ici — tu es mort.
children are marvellous!
and all the while the little girl sat in the railway train & nursed her baby.

“Do you think that marriage would be of any use to me?” His friend considered gravely He frowned, knocked his pipe against his heel & thrust out his underlip. “It depends" said he, “very much on the woman." "Oh but of course” said Archie, eagerly.
“Granted the right woman” said Wyndham largely “I can imagine it might immensely benefit you.”
The problem is 2 friends and a woman enters. One marries.

[KM Notebooks, undated.]