7 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

I was staying at a house this weekend where all the guests have made a habit of bringing roots and bulbs and cuttings from wherever they have been and planting them in the garden. So you come across a little Spanish flower, or a little rock plant from Cornwall, or a lovely little tuft of grasses from France, or a Swiss daisy. Don't you think its a good idea? The little boy who lives in the house is eight years old and he is a great naturalist. He has stocked a pond with fishes he has caught himself and knows all about them - carp, and dace and tench. I wonder if you have those kinds in Canada?
Aunt Chaddie and Aunt Jeanne are coming to tea with me this afternoon. I expect I shall hear all the news about the wedding then. If Aunt Jeanne goes to live in New Zealand I shall be living in Italy, I expect and Aunt Chaddie in England. You will have to make a tour when you are grownup and come and visit us all.
Does John ever write letters? Granpapa has told me about him, too. I am quite up to date in the news of what happened on his visit.
With much love to both my dear little nephews. I shall keep my first letter from you for a ‘remembrance'.
Ever your affectionate
Aunt Katherine. [To Andrew Bell, 11 September 1922.]