7 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

My dearest Violet
   I am so happy to know you like my story. It was the most delightful surprise to receive your letter at the end of rather a black day. I had thought At the Bay would pass quite unnoticed and your sympathetic note warms my heart. Thank you sincerely e very sincerely, dearest Violet. I shall not forget your letter. As a matter of fact all that I have written up till now seems to me to have been only. . . opening the windows, pulling back the shutters . . . Its only now I feel chez moi and in the work I am engaged in now. I have passed through a state of awful depression about work, lately. It had to be. But I see my way now, I think. What saved me finally was reading a book called Cosmic Anatomy, and reflecting on it. . . That sounds rather funny, doesn't it?
   Ah, I do hope we shall meet in the spring. I feel we shall & all will be better than before.
   Congestion is quite simple. The lung becomes full of blood, & that means the heart beats too fast & that means one has fever and pain and puts oneself to bed. But I am determined to make an end of all this very soon. I detest the idea of going to Paris at the end of this month but I shant stay - just see my man & arrange to return in the spring.
   Snow falls & falls. It is like living in the moon. I hate snow. I love the fertile, fertile earth!
   Goodnight, chere amie
   With my warm love to you both.
   I embrace you
                   Katherine. [To Violet Schiff, c. 8 January 1922.]