7 Dec 1921

7 December 1921

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

But you see I have made up my mind to try the Russian doctor's treatment. I have played my card. Will he answer? Will anything come of it? One dares not speak of these things. It is so boring for it is all speculation, and yet one cannot stop thinking . . . thinking . . . imagining what it would be like to run again or take a little jump.
   Forgive me, dear Brett. In my next letter I shall be over this. Do please write if you can. It would be fearfully nice to get a long letter, especially as I don't deserve one. And tell me please what size you take in shoes. Don't forget! It will be too late if you do, and be sure to let me know where you will be at Christmas Time. I want (as I daresay you have guessed) to send you a small present.
   Goodbye for now. My love to you
              Tig [To Dorothy Brett, 5 December 1921.]

And the friend opposite gazed at him thinking what an attractive mysterious fellow he was. And the train sped on.
flashy and mean -
It was spouting with rain yet there was that feeling of spring in the air which makes everything bearable.
The big sprays of flowers. What on earth
He shot out his legs, flung up his arms, stretched, then sat up with a jerk & felt in his pocket for the yellow paper of cigarettes. As he felt for them a weak strange little smile played on his lips. His friend opposite was watching it. He knew it. Suddenly he raised his head; he looked his friend full in the eyes. That was a queer thing to happen, he said softly & meaningly What? Asked the friend, curious. Alexander kept him waiting for the answer. Practised liar that he was the
[KM Notebooks 2, undated.]