7 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

   lf you don't hear from me until Wednesday week - don't mind! I can only reply to your letter by silence, & by clasping your hand. The reason is that my plans are all in the air and I am horribly tired & I must somehow finish this story. So I must retire into my shell, & be silent until Wednesday week. Then I shall send you a budget. But wait for me till then!
   All is just the same in every way. I can only do this because I know and trust you and I believe you know & trust me. Im a fearfully imperfect friend, at present. But once I get out of my silly prison I will be nicer in every way - please God. In the meantime, tho' I don't write I think about you and am as ever
               Tig [To Dorothy Brett, 7 August 1922.]