6 November 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

Dear Ida
Forgive my harshness. Of course I have thought better of it & am ashamed. The galoshes & garters have come so has the black coat. Thank you v. much. The green skirt never came. I should indeed have liked it. Nor did the coat & skirt. I am all coats & no skirts - most awkward. What good soap! Thank you for it. Dont forget to let me know where you go after the hotel. These letters came for you. The weather is glorious here, too, like late spring. Still, I am so thankful for the galoshes. Do please tell me by return what I owe you.
Excuse this note. It is written in such haste. I do want one other thing. A perfectly plain chemise frock to wear without a petticoat to do exercises in the evening. You know the kind of thing. Cashmere would do - I mean a thin gabardine or anything like that - dead simple, though & preferably dark blue with as little lining as possible. But it mustnt show ones legs through. Shall I send you 500 francs?
Yours ever
K.M. [To Ida Baker, 2 November 1922.]