6 May 1921

6 May 1921

Hotel Beau Site, Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland

5.v. Genève, Salle d’attente. The snow lay like silver light on the tops of the mountains. In the chill, greenish light the wide motionless rivers looked as though they were solid, and the pale furrowed earth with white fruit trees like coral branches looked as it were water.
Later. The station clock.

Oh dear, you realise I’m just telling you the facts. The embroidery Ill have to leave for now. The hotel is simply admirable so far. Too clean. Spick is not the word nor is span. Even the sprays of white lilac in my salon were fresh from the laundry. I have two rooms and a huge balcony, and so many mountains that I haven’t even begun to climb them yet.

Saint Galmier is superseded by Montreux which the label says is saturated with carbonic gas. But my physiology book said this was deadly poison & we only breathed it out – never unless we were desperate took it in. However according to Doctors Ritter, Spingel and Knechtli its marvellous for gravel and makes the urine sparkil like champagne. These are the minor mysteries.

Sierre. The room with seven doors. Each door is different & the 7th is a very tiny little door. It opens into a cupboard painted white with an arched top, sky blue, sprinkled with stars.
         The furniture stern & dark.

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