6 Mar

6 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

I heard from Violet today & will reply via you tomorrow.
Dear Bogey
Your Monday note has just come (written at 200 miles an hour, I should think.) I haven't received the A. yet. My proof came last night: a thousand thanks for correcting it so minutely. What a printer they have! Im posting it back today together with a review. Dearest please do not accept any invitations for me - will you. I am coming HOME because I want to be with you and in my room & not to spend part of the summer in Mrs Locke Ellis' house, tho' its very kind of her. Id rather stay where I am than do that. And please dont ask anybody to dinner the day I come home or for the week following - not Brett - or anybody except of course my dear little ‘brudder' whom Im going to ask to meet me at the station. I have not the remotest desire to see anybody but you and Arthur and my cats & the house and Sorapure and the willows and the shepherdess and Violet & Gertie. I am afraid you don't know how homeloving I am & how it thrills me to think - oh bliss untold! of opening the grey door & being in the hall! My ‘perfect times' here are only pastimes. So dont bother to cry ‘hurrah' - funny one.
At the moment (and yesterday) Im in bed with rather a severe chill & fever but everybody is looking after me so ‘hurrah' I suppose again-
Yours for ever
Wig.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]