6 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

   With one eye on the future - if you can possibly manage to write a short note to my Da it would I think be a good idea. He has seen a doctor who finds him "in fairly decent shape" - so you'd only have to say you were glad to hear that the Doctor reported favourably & hoped he'd be well in England . . . This is extremely boring. My pen won't write any more of it. If I didn't so wish for a chimley stack I'd never suggest it.
   Was yesterday nice, I wonder? Brett is very very chastening. God has sent her to me as a Trial. I shall fail. It serves him right. There are the most darling swallows here - little forked tails & wings like gold fins. And someone calls drowsily from a window "Fraulein Wirkel?" Then the soft sound of the gardener raking the paths . . . Summer.
               A bientot
Many thanks for the papers. I hate the N. & A. [Nation & Athenaeum] worse than ever. I despise it. The Lit. Sup. was bad too. There seems to be a positive blight on English writing. Really really nothing to say. Their review of Garnett made me realise again how first chop your criticism is.  [To J. M. Murry, 5 July 1922.]