6 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Dearest Bogey
   I have been on the point of writing this letter for days. My heart has been behaving in such a curious fashion that I cant imagine it means nothing. So, as I should hate to leave you unprepared, I'll just try & jot down what comes into my mind. All my manuscripts I leave entirely to you to do what you like with. Go through them one day, dear love, and destroy all you do not use. Please destroy all letters you do not wish to keep & all papers. You know my love of tidiness. Have a clean sweep, Bogey, and leave all fair - will you?
   Books are yours ofcourse, & so are my personal possessions. L.M. had better distribute my clothes. Give your Mother my fur coat, will you? Chaddie & Jeanne must choose what they want & I suppose Vera would like something. My small pearl ring - the ‘daisy' one I should like to wear. The other, give to Richard's love when you know her - if you approve ofthe idea.
   I seem, after all, to have nothing to leave and nobody to leave things to. Dela Mare I should like to remember and Richard. But you will give a book or some small thing to whoever wishes . . . Monies, of course, are all yours. In fact, my dearest dear, I leave everything to you - to the secret you whose lips I kissed this morning. In spite of everything - how happy we have been! I feel no other lovers have walked the earth together more joyfully - in spite of all.
   Farewell, my precious love.
   I am for ever and ever
                         WIG. [To J. M. Murry, 7 August 1922.]