5 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Darling little B.
Here's your apricot cover. I have put an old ribbing in its place . . . It doesn't look bad.
Will you come to tea in my room tonight & have a long-and-cosy chat after? There seem to be masses of things to say - but I don't want to say them in a rush. And if you are safely pinned into a chair I shall know you are resting.
You are frightfully clever to have made those rooms. But you know that. You are also frightfully nice.
Minnie is very sad still & she won't let me have no marmalade things being as they are. She will do anything rather than go, however. Well, it will all settle itself I don't think its anything to worry about a pin. (Hullo: marmalade has just come.)
Ever & ever
Its a lovely day!! [To Dorothy Brett, c.9 September 1922.]