5 November 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

I wonder if you have seen Elizabeths new book [The Enchanted April]? I received it from her this week & read it immediately. My private opinion is it is very tame and even tiresome. I think she works her jokes about husbands and God far too hard. I am thoroughly bored by her comic husbands and equally bored by their wives. But perhaps I was not in the mood for that kind of thing. I shall find it very difficult to write to her about it.
I wonder if you happen to have come across a novel called "The Brimming Cup" by an American woman. The name of the writer is Dorothy Canfield. It seemed to me a most charming book and extremely clever. I read Hutchinson's "This Freedom", too. It seemed to me the most fearful twaddle. But no doubt it has brought him in about £15,000. Very nice for him.
Well, darling, I must finish this letter & try & waggle my thumb into action again. One very pleasant thing here is that I have to speak Russian consistently and shall I hope, get as fluent in it as I am in French and German. After that I should like to rub up my Italian. Languages fascinate me.
Goodbye for now, my darling Father. I do hope your health is good, that all is well with you in every possible way. You are in my thoughts so often.
I shall always wish we were nearer.
Ever your devoted child
Kass [To Harold Beauchamp, 2 November 1922.]