5 August 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

Later Edition. D.B. darling, I have just got your Lawrence review & note. You didn't send the Pope, love . . . But Ill get L.M. to ask for the two receipts and will print the address in a fair white linen hand. About your review - I think you are absolutely right in every word of it - every word. I think you occasionally use more words of praise than are necessary, it sounds too effusive & will raise suspicion. Shall I tone it down a bit on my typewriter or send as it is? I'll phone you & ask. Gerhardi comes off with a nice little pat. But can't be helped. Oh, I long for a paper this morning!! I have been "making up" a paper ever since I read your review. I shall start one, too, jolly soon. For three years only. But what years! Dont you think it might be a good idea if this week you came on Sunday instead of Saturday? Give us a longer week. That is if you are at all presséor inclined to the notion. (No! See below). Otherwise you wont mind will you dear, if I do a bit of work on Saturday while you are in the garden. H'm yes. After my spartan suggestion has been written I take it back. I say instead what I have said about working. . . & hope Ill be able to look out of [the] window & see your summer feltie below. Yes, indeed, come Saturday unless you don't want to, or think that the female will is determined to drag you here. Its not, my dear darling. [To J. M. Murry, early August 1922.]