4 Nov 1921

4 November 1921

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Dearest Brett,
   Just as I had sent my letter away your new letter came with the bills. What a dove you were to go wool gathering so far an wide! I saw you winding your way from shop to shop. As to the dogs in Heads you should have told them to stop pulling out each other's wool. This Fearful Feebleness is because its very late night and I ate such a stupid man with my tea - I cant digest him. He is bringing out a book of Georgian Stories & he said the more ‘plotty' a story I could give him the better. What about that for a word? It made my hair stand up in prongs. A nice ‘plotty' story, please. People are funny.
   The Fat Cat Sits on my Feet. Fat is not enough to describe him by now. He must weigh pounds & pounds. And his lovely black coat is turning white. I suppose its to prevent the mountains from seeing him. He sleeps here & occasionally creeps up to my chest & pads softly with his paws, singing the while. I suppose he wants to see if I have the same face all night. I long to surprise him with terrific disguises. M. calls him "my Breakfast cat", because they share that meal - two boys - alone together. M. at the table and Wingley on. Its awful the love one can lavish on an animal. In his Memoirs which he dictates to me M.'s name is always MasteranMan - one word, my name is Grandma Jaegar, the Mountain he always calls "Fostermonger" & for some reason our servant he refers to as The Swede. He has rather a contempt for her.
   Goodnight. Thank you again. We shall burn to see the wool now. We are making a huge quilt - it will be like lying under rainbows. With warm love
Cheque enclosed.   [To Dorothy Brett, 2 November 1921.]

4.xi. 192 1 .
Your novel arrived safely today. I am going to read it this weekend. V. many thanks for the impressive coupons.
[To William Gerhardi, 4 November 1921.]