4 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

   Do you really expect old V. this month. How I should like a peep at you all. Fancy- it is eight years since I have seen her - I expect it will be eighteen before I do. Do tell me about your meeting! How long is V staying? We shall be in Paris in April but I expect she will be gone before then - Paris always seems to me a good centre to meet people - with such lots of places to sit down and talk. .
   Well dear, I envy you your primrose. My room is full of carnations & mimosa & violets at present, titbits left over from the New Year • but Id prefer the primrose.
   With much love, darling Marie
                Ever your fond
Wingley kisses his paw to Kuri. [To Charlotte Beauchamp Perkins, 2 January 1922.]

Dearest J,
   I am so glad the boudoir cap goes with the robes de nuit. . . I hope your party was a success. My game always is Musical Chairs, but it is so terribly thrilling that perhaps its better left unplayed. I want to begin screaming Russia when the chairs are being arranged even. Very vivid recollections of being rather good at this game and last in with George Nathan! I should think you and Marie would give a lovely party. I wish you would ask me one year. Jack is extremely good at lying on the floor and letting people jump up and down on him, also at making faces. [To Jeanne Beauchamp Renshaw, 2 January 1922.]