4 February 1921

4 February 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Dear Mr. Kay,

May I please have my passbook sent to me as soon as is possible? I am not quite certain what monies I have in the Bank & I must pay out a large amount this month.

I am sitting up proper for the first time today - in bed, still, however. Jack has been over with me. He returned to London this morning, but only to fix up things preparatory to his coming out here permanently. My health is so precarious just now that it seems the only way to make sure he won't be late for the funeral! But one never knows. I feel I shall tire my audience out & last for goodness how many rounds more. I hope so.

With very best wishes & love

                                         Yours ever


[Letter to Alexander Kay in Collected Letters, 6 February 1921]

Dear Bogey

I haven't a postcard but this will serve. All goes well here. I mean there is no change at all.

Try not to rush things. Don't hurry back. If you want to stay longer Ill arrange to go away as soon as I am "up & about again", as they say. I hope your journey was not to horrid.

Yours ever


[Letter to J. M. Murry in Collected Letters, 7 February 1921.]