4 Dec 1921

4 December 1921

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Cher Docteur Manoukhine,
   Suivant le conseil de mon ami, M.Koteliansky, de Londres, je vous ecris pour vous demander si vous voulez bien m'accepter comme sujet de votre traitement de tuberculose aux rayons X. Je suis malade depuis quatre ans. Les deux poumons sont attaques et le Coeur en est emabaresse. Tout de même je ne suis pas une grande malade. Je sens qu'il y a toujours de la santé en moi et j'ai le désir le plus vif d'avoir assez de forces pour accomplir le travail - je suis écrivain - que j'ai encore at faire. Je serai heureux de vous envoyer tous les renseignements dant vous aurez besoin.
   Si vous préferez que je vienne at Paris pour vous voir, je m'y rendrai.
   Je vous prie de me pardonner de vous approcher si brusquement - que je fais sur l'avis expres de M. Koteliansky - et me croire votre sincerement dévouée
               Katherine Mansfield Murry. [To Ivan Manoukhine, 4 December 1921.]

   I am writing on the advice of my friend, Koteliansky, from London, to ask if you would kindly accept me for your x-ray treatment of tuberculosis. I have been ill for four years. Both lungs are affected as well as my heart. Yet I am not really a serious invalid. I feel there is health in me still and I yearn for the strength to complete the work - I am a writer - that remains to be done. I would be happy to send you all the information you need.
   I will come to Paris to see you if you prefer.
   Please forgive me for approaching you like this - but I do so on the advice of Koteliansky - and believe me to be yours sincerely, Katherine Mansfield Murry [Translation from French by blog editor, Susan Reid.]

Dear Koteliansky
   Thank you. I have written to M. today. Whatever he advises that will I do. It is strange - I have faith in him. I am sure he will not have the kind of face one walks away from. Besides - think of being "well". Health is as precious as life - no less. Do you know I have not walked since November 1920? Not more than to a carriage and back. Both my lungs are affected, there is a cavity in one and the other is affected through. My heart is weak, too. Can all this be cured. Ah, Koteliansky - wish for me! But I am selfish, dear friend. No, I should not ask even a wish. Yet to be uprooted is terrible.
   Why are things so bad with you? It is a mystery why this must be so. I press your hand.