31 May 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear dear Koteliansky
   I am writing to you in the hall of the hotel; the doors are open and a warm, light wind blows through. It is nine o'clock but the evening seems just to be beginning. People pass walking slowly and talking in low tones.
   I went to Manoukhin. I found him alone at the clinic. It was nice. But he simply would not hear the Hippius story. He understood only "trop bien" as he said. He was disgusted with her. And he begged me - but in such a very simple awfully nice way to write to you and to tell you how extremely sorry he would be to think you did not know how he regretted all the trouble you had had with the Hippius. "Please, please write! Please do this for me!" he said over and over again. Please say to Koteliansky "je comprends, je comprends absolument." I said I would. Manoukhin is really a good man. It is pleasant to be with him. He thinks of coming to Switzerland during the summer with Bunin. I hope they come. But l am afraid that on the top of every mountain there would be Hippius and Dmitri always on the skyline.
[To S. S. Koteliansky, 31 May 1922.]