31 March 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Mr Pinker,
   Many thanks for your letter.
   First, in regard to the novel - I may and I may not write one. But in any case it is so uncertain that I should greatly prefer that it should not be mentioned in any negotiations. I know myself well enough to assure you that the only safe moment for mentioning a novel by me is when you have the MS of it actually in your hands.
   Second, as to leaving Constables. Constables have treated me well enough; but I am under no sort of obligation to them. As I am largely dependent on my work, I naturally wish to go to the publisher who will pay me best. But I should like Constables to be given the refusal of my next book of stories at the best price offered for it by anyone else.
   Third, with regard to the serial rights of my next book of stories I have already promised the British serial rights of. . . a sequence of twelve short stories to Mr Clement Shorter for the "Sphere". This sequence will (according to my present plans) form the principal long story in my new book, and be a third part of the ‘story' which began with "Prelude" and was continued in "At The Bay". I have already mentioned something of this to you, I believe. I mention it again because it seems that it may be a hindrance to your offering the serial rights and the book rights of my next volume of stories together to the same publisher.
   I hope this will give you a clear idea of my position.
                Yours sincerely,
             Katherine Mansfield
 [To J. B. Pinker, 30 March 1922.]