31 July

31 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

 [. . .] So, the endless preparations over at last, one soft mist-dripping morning, one of those damp typical English mornings when the newspaper arrives damp & smelling like a mushroom, off they went to the Station with their 2 large suitcases, one small, one hat box, one roll of rugs, the Fuller tea basket, and a copy of Punch which they had neither of them had time to look at that week. Both of them sat bolt upright in the taxi, both of them wore new, very practical kid gloves which smelt extraordinarily strong, and both in their own way [were] deeply excited. Gwendolen showed it by her high colour, and by her continually fingering her bag to make sure her keys & ticket were in the inside pocket, and Gerald showed it by a quick distracted glance of his large pale blue eyes and by a slightly increased tempo in his whistling... [KM Notebooks, undated]