31 August 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Dearest Father,
   Very many thanks for your letter. It is dear of you to ask me to tea so soon after your arrival in London, but would any other afternoon next week suit you equally well? On Tuesday evening we have a long-standing engagement to dine with the Literary Editor of the Times. Business and pleasure combined, don't you know. And just at present I don't feel up to afternoon and dinner engagements on the same day. Do not trouble to reply to this dearest. If one of the girls would ‘phone me here on Tuesday, we might, if agreeable to you, fix up something then. I think I'll dine alone this time and keep our pow-wow "en famille". We shall be delighted to lunch with you at Bath's Hotel on Thursday, September 4, at one o'clock. I have made a note of the date.
   Another dull March morning. I heard from Elizabeth, who is basking in radiance from dawn to dark. But I have noticed people take rather a delight in gloating over the kind of weather one is not enjoying here! Its a pity we cannot all settle in Florida and found a little Sunshine Colony.
   With very much love, in which Jack joins me,
             Ever your devoted child,
                                           Kass [To Harold Beauchamp, 29 August 1922.]