30 October

30 October 1920

Villa Isola Bella Menton, France

Oh, God! God! As I write - I want to write. I see our work. Oh to be a writer!! What is there like it! (By the way, Heart dearest, I do love Sir Tobys saying to Viola "Come taste your legs, Sir. Put them in motion" when he wanted her to leap & fly. I wish I had a little tiny boy to say that to.)
Todays letter says you have been to Achner & you do think he's good. Yes, isn't he? He is a change after poor old Lucas hooking his saliva carrier on to the arum lily jar.
Theres a violent N.W. wind today - a howling one. I had to go into town. The great immense waves were sweeping right up to the road & over. I wish youd seen them. Three brigs are in - the sailors pants hanging on lines & dancing hornpipes. Leaves are falling; its like autumn. But the shops are full of flowers & everywhere little girls, wrapped up to the eyes go by at a run carrying a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a paper. For tomorrow is La Toussaint. When I got home - I found my BOX had arrived. The thrill was terrific. I wondered & wondered what little oddments you had found -whether Id find - - - Well - it didn't matter. I found in addition to the book the 2 Indian figures & the small tan cushion. Was that all? Will you tell me? In case anything was stolen. I really had a laugh over it. And the bookcase made to hold the book (one shelf half full!) It was my fault. Im NOT for a minute blaming you, my precious love. Dont forget Mignonette to tell me your date of probable arrival at Xmas time - Goodbye for now, dearest Love Yours for ever amen Wig.  [Letter to J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]