30 October 1922

La Prieuré, Fontainebleau, Avon

Everything has come. I am so grateful for the red scarf It is just what I wanted. Here is the pattern. And can I have a pair of galoshes and a pair of garters. I love being here - I am perfectly looked after & I feel one of these people. My only fear is that I may have to go away for a few weeks later on (thats a little ambiguous. Of course Mr Gurdjieff would send me and so on.) I don't want to miss a day. The weather so far is perfect. But terribly cold. All the fountain basins were frozen this morning & we have not a flower left. The leaves fall all day & the grass smells good. We are making a Turkish Bath which will be very comforting. I don't do any ‘work' just now except - well, its hard to explain.
I hope you are happy. Haven't you used that 1000 francs? Shall I send you another? Please ask me. And remember you can always get a job at Selsfield, doing chickens for Locke-Ellis.
Excuse my writing. Its on the corner of the table under rather awkward conditions.
K.M. [To Ida Baker, 28 October 1922.]