30 Mar

30 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

My precious little mate
Ive had three letters from you today - one before the pen tray, one after, & one about Broomies. I want you to tell me C.Y.H.S.D. if you thought the pen tray at all ‘special'. Because then I shall know what to buy. I think its simply exquis but perhaps I have gone a trifle mad-dog, after so long "on my own". I shant refer to Beatrice Hastings again. Its explained, isn't it, love. And now shake off Marie D. [Dahlerup]  Thank Heaven she'll never be with us. Oh, please tell Tommy to take his ‘sprightly stone axe' for me & bang Miss Willcocks on the head with it. Really her Balzac!!!! It is the last word in utter drivel. Your Miss Cavell is superb. You're doing just what I hoped you would do in the Nation;  putting big things into the scales. Its VERY good. Now dont forget to tell Whos Who all about yourself. And your recreations are - what? Oh, I wish I looked over your shoulder! But be sure to do it. I shall always be idly turning over the pages and rereading what you say. Dont forget to do it in time. Could you send me a copy of Prelude please? And thank you for my bouquet in the A. for March 26th. It was a very nice one. Love, I am all for Broomies. I, too, have this idea we may retire there and live on love when we are old. I love the little place. Its the right size and its remote and very simple. William & Dorothy  might have lived there or any of our own kind. If we do have money we can always make it better and better but I am greatly desirous of our owning it (bad English). I think its us.  [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]