30 July

30 July 1920

2 Portland Villas, Hampstead - London

 It was not at all difficult for the Williamses to leave home. They had no children & their two servants, scotch girls, sisters (such a point, that, if they do happen to get on well together. On the other hand - but in this case they did) were perfectly capable of looking after the house and Busby the Belgian griffon who most fortunately got on with them too. Dear little chap. He was devoted to Annie. And loved going to the post with Harriet which just gave him the little run he needed into the bargain. As for the garden (Mrs W. was a passionate gardener) all was in apple pie order - one could not have chosen a more satisfactory moment to leave it. And perhaps if the truth were known the garden breathed a deep soft sigh of relief at the blissful thought of three weeks freedom from being weeded and turned over and raked out and examined - even from being stared at ...  [KM Notebooks, undated]