30 August 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Your letter made me feel angry with myself & very ungracious at having refused your so kind invitation. Please forgive me! I look forward more than I can say to seeing you and Violet in London. By the time you come I hope to be settled in my new rooms (they are at this address). I already dream of no end of a talk before my fire. [. . .]
   About Lawrence. Yes, I agree there is much triviality, much that is neither here nor there. And a great waste of energy that ought to be well spent. But I did feel there was growth in Aaron's Rod - there was no desire to please or placate the public. I did feel that Lorenzo was profoundly moved. Because of this perhaps I forgive him too much his faults.
   Its vile weather here - real fog. I am alone in the house - 10.30 p.m. Murry & Brett are both at parties. Footsteps pass and repass. That is a marvellous sound - and the low voices - talking on - dying away. It takes me back years, to the agony of waiting for one's love . . . I am lunching with Orage on Wednesday. What happiness! Goodnight dear friend. I press your hand. [To Sydney Schiff, 28 August 1922.]