30 April 1921

30 April 1921

Villa Isola Bella, Menton, France

Dear Michael Sadler
Im leaving for Switzerland next week and my address is a little in the vague. If you have cause to write to me will you send the letters to the office below?
Yours very sincerely   
Katherine Mansfield.

[To Michael Sadleir in Collected Letters, 30 April.]

Dear Mrs Hueffer
We should have loved to come to your Party on May the fifth but we are too far away. Thank you so much for asking us. Your note sent us whirling back to that afternoon visit in the little house near Chichester I feel shortly after Queen Victoria came to the throne. But it must have been a little later than that really.
With warm remembrances from us both. I 
Yours very sincerely, _ 
Katherine Mansfield.

[To Violet Hunt in Collected Letters, 30 April.]