3 Mar

3 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

I cant draw our little girl till Ive got a fine pen, but he's not bad is he? Darling Bogey I do wish I could draw. Im always wanting to put little small drawings on the tops of your letters & I had such a thrill when I made that little boy. We'll have to take our sketch books away this year. You know re the South of France I have grown to like it far more than ever I did. The mechanical appearance goes & theres something about the rocks & stones which reminds me of New Zealand - volcanic - & the sea is really a wonderful colour. Yes, Ive grown to love it. The air in the mountains is wonderful & then the trees - the pepper trees & the lemons. If only you shared my winters, & we had a minute Broomchen here where we grew jonquils, early peas & lettuces & anemones . . . You would be happy I know. I would not go to Bandol again because its not far enough South. Between here & Nice there are lovely little unspoilt corners in the mountains. But we can wait & come in 30 years' time. That will do.  [To J.M. Murry in Collected Letters]