3 Jan

3 January 1920

Casetta Deerholm, Ospedaletti – Italy

A load of wood. Sent review. Letters from Marie and Clara. Cold day.
Miss K.S. called - deadly dull. Her yawn and recovery. Storm of wind and rain. I had nightmare about Jack. He and I ‘separated’. M.K.S. talked about tulips but she makes all sound so fussy, the threads of her soul all ravelled. [KM Notebooks]

Darling of darlings,
    My review went off - thank god; I do hope it is alright. Now I shall start another so that you have cash in hand. Youre still on your way. I keep thinking of you, my love, and hoping you are warm. It is a comfort to know youve a good bed to get home to and your Wingy Wingchik. That was my most pet name for him when we were quite alone in my room & he was watching the tail of a mouse (a very old feather tail) emerge from under my blotting paper & then mysteriously disappear again. I stayed in bed yesterday. It was cold & I was tired. Today I'm very rested & its as warm - tiède - a lovely day with silver leaf on the sea. I am going to walk in the garden and consider the peas how they grow. Please mark in your diary May 4th which is the anniversary of our wedding & Friday Avrilo 30th which is the day I leave here. These and our birthdays I have enclosed in heavy squares. Really its marvellous how near the spring feels. If only The Lacket is notre affaire. Remember, my precious, that if its dark they may allow us to cut down a tree or 'throw in' a window. Bear these facts in mind. i feel the forest would be so perfect - so near. You could go riding in it before breakfast & I could go looking for wild strawberries in it before tea.

It has been lovely having you - lovely. I feel as though we are (you are - too?) mysteriously renewed. I feel that the spring is going to be so wonderful - that even our meeting in Paris will be wonderful. Do be sure to keep your diary. I am keeping mine.  [To J.M.Murry in Collected Letters]