3 January 1922

Chalet des Sapins, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Darling Marie,
   I am relieved you liked my humble little bag. I was afraid it looked like an offertory bag at the last moment. The handles were so intensely black they almost looked fit for sacred purposes. My mocassins still hang on the willow tree but I shall take them down and dance to the tabors and cymbals ere long. I don't know why I feel so old Testament today. A man came to see us yesterday who had been to church. The flavour must still cling.
   Fancy Annie & Jacks departing. I like all changes really when they come - I mean of that kind - don't you? I am all for clean sweeps occasionally! especially in the case of servants. One gets tired of the peculiarities of even treasures. No, they are scarce here and poor dumb cattle when you do get them. Mine is honest, good, faithful - sober - in fact she has all the virtues and her ankles are like this [drawing of fat ankles] Poor soul! It is dreadful to have virtuous ankles as well. But thats the worst of very good people. They don't know where to stop.
   You never told me who got the ring in the pudding after all. We had a pudding, too, in fact a whole Christmas dinner sent complete from England. And did you get nice presents. I was rich in presents this year - My most surprising however was a cable from Pa. Wasn't it awfully sweet of him. Its the first cable of the kind he has ever sent me. I felt indeed touched. . [To Charlotte Beauchamp Perkins, 2 January 1922.]