3 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Mr Pinker,
   I have received your letter but the forms were not enclosed. As soon as I receive them they shall be signed and returned to you. With regard to my last letter I confess that thinking it over I feel I might do better with a change of publisher. This book on the strength of its reviews (it has been most extensively reviewed) ought to have sold more if it had been more advertised. It had a chance of going really well, I fancy, but it seems to me Constable did not make the use they might have of their opportunity. I have received numerous letters, too, from the kind of people who comprise the reading public which prove it had a chance of popularity. (I haven't any desire to be fashionable and exclusive or to write for the intelligenzia only.)
   But these are of course the opinions of a ‘layman'. The real point is I shall have to make as much money as I can on my next book - my path is so dotted with doctors.
                   Yours sincerely
                 Katherine Mansfield [To J. B. Pinker, 2 April 1922.]