29 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

My dear Sylvia Lynd,
How glad I should have been to have seen you next week. But I am being swep' away again to Paris next Monday, to go on with my X ray treatment. Why do I always have to write to you about complaints! It is a horrid fate. But there it is. The bad weather here these last few days (its fine, of course, since I bought my ticket) has brought my cough back again, stronger than ever for its small holiday. And my Paris doctor threatens me with a complete return to the sofa if I don't go through with his course. I thought I could manage to have the same thing done here. But it's not the same, and its frightening to play with these blue rays.
So there are my steamer trunk and hatbox on the carpet, eyeing each other, walking round each other, ready to begin the fight all over again. And I shant see you or talk to you or give you tea or hear about anything. Im so very very sorry! [To Sylvia Lynd, 29 September 1922.]