29 March 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

Dear Ida
  Your As [Aylesburys] have just been and gone. I thought they were nice girls. What skin hair teeth the young one has! Youth itself is beauty - and health. Theres no other beauty I feel after feasting on that smiling creature in her white felt hat and big coat. They delivered the parcel. I was v. thrilled by the oatmeal bags & the honourable wounds in the stockings were miracles of fine surgery. I feel most rich. I shall be able to change my stockings once a fortnight now instead of once a month. And where did the knickers come from? Such good quality too. The blue slip looks very pretty & nice. I'll put it on when winter goes again. The girls babbled away about that strange person called Miss Baker. She'd been with them to the station, sat on their boxes, packed them, got her P.Gs and was ever so pleased to have them. They thought she might stay up there. She liked it so. And spring had come & gone & they'd had to give away 1/2 pots of jam and whole coat hangers at the last. It was a dear little flat - it was indeed! But the mosquitoes in Venice were awful. One saw nothing but woke a fright. And the Mystery was the girl with us wasn't touched. Picnics in the summer were also very nice but Edith wasn't there then. And it seemed from her letters she had a little second hand shop. If you had a jumble sale there was such a rush from miles around you had to have the police. Very fond of Wingley. And the balcony was lovely, too.
 [To Ida Baker, 29 March 1922.]