29 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Oh my story wont go fast enough. Its got stuck. I must have it finished and done with in 10 days time. Never shall I commit myself again to a stated time. Its hellish.
   Your Port Said hat is all faded. What will you say? Its an absolute lamb of a hat for out of doors - perfect. That stuffy tea cosy I bought on my way back from the dentist will stay on the shelf until I get back to civilisation. But don't be afraid. You shall have it back the day you come. If I sent you the dibs could you bring me a woolly jacket a kind of cardigan, the simple sort - as simple as possible with buttons down the front, you know - in hyacinth or blue bell or crocus or pastel blue? If you can't do it - say the word. You will always say the word wont you darling? And if you think I am a callous creature to ask you - say that, too. Its so much more restful. I am thankful you are feeling better. This place will do you a great deal of good, I hope. One eats the air in slices with big bits of sun spread on them. I do hope Gertler is nice. I feel sorry for poor little Carrington and for Partridge, too. Take care of yourself Be happy. [To Dorothy Brett, 22 June 1922.]