29 April 1922

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

   Since I wrote you that last letter Ive had flue. The weather has been really appaling, never the same for 1/2 an hour. I feel better today however and shall get up for lunch. Im rather glad to have had influenza; it has been such a dreaded thing to me.
   My agent has sold every single story of my new book in advance & I have not written one. That's pleasant! But once we get away we shall be able to work without end. My book has been a complete success, really. It has made it possible for me to publish stories anywhere I like, it seems. I even get column reviews from the Tribuna - the Italian ‘Times'. I intend, next spring, to go to London, take the Bechstein Hall and give readings of my stories. Ive always wanted to do this and of course it would be a great advertisement. Dickens used to do it. He knew his people just as I know old Ma Parker's voice and the Ladies Maid. [To Ida Baker, 30 April 1922.]