28 September 1922

6 Pond Street, Hampstead, London

Darling Anne,
Here are the books. So many thanks for them. I think some of the stories in A Hasty Bunch are quite extraordinarily good. All of them have interested me immensely. There is something so fresh and unspoilt about the writer, even when he is a little bit self conscious - in the youthful way, you know. But he has got real original talent and I think he'll do awfully good work. He's much more interesting than these sham young super cultured creatures. I hope he gets on with his job. I feel Id like to help him if I could in some way. But I expect hed scorn that idea.
Do you know, cherie, Im off back to France on Monday. I want to go on with that treatment there rather than here and for many many reasons I - enfin - well, there is something in England that just pushes me off the nest. Its no good. I shall never ‘settle' here. But Brett is keeping my two little rooms here for flying visits. Its nice to have them. [To Anne Drey, 30 September 1922.]