28 October

28 October 1920

Villa Isola Bella Menton, France

Im sending 2 lots of reviews this week.
Dear Love
The letters I have had - three from you! I expect the railway has delayed them: I mean the shortage of traigins. (Thats a queer word of ours isn't it!) I am glad to hear your tooth is better & very sorry you are going to be patched by a tooth-tinker and more than sorry about my old yinkum-tags. I ought to pay that moi-même. How much is it exactly? Let me have the forms - will you, darling? Never a word more came about H. King's form. Yes, you're right to come in April - its too marvellous to miss. I mean Life is and one is alive here. The weather is simply enchantment. I am taking a sun bath cure - on Doctor Bouchages advice & at 8 oclock the sun streams on my bed & nearly burns me. Its a very wonderful treatment. I believe in it. Im also having those confounded iodine injections which make me an appallingly tired girl. But I believe in them, too, so I must put up with the feeling. Doctor Bouchage is of the same school as Doctor Sorapure; I have great confidence in him. He helps me greatly - so far. But I am having the iodine every other day for a fortnight. By that time I shall have to hang like a bat when Im not walking. Like the poor Lord who had no place to rest His head; Ive no place to rest my derriere.
Hugh Walpoles letter was very nice, I thought. People are a bit surprising, aren't they, Bogey? I heard from poor old Newte again - really his name is awful. Horace W. C. . . . and then Newte & to write from Wimbleton Hall!! It is the comble.  [Letter to J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]