28 Mar

28 March 1920

Villa Flora, Menton - France

Old Sir John to Hell has gone
Burn, devils! Burn him!                       I thought you might quote that one
When one side well is fried                  day. Its quite genuine & in a
Turn Devils! Turn him                        churchyard in the Isle of W.

My Blessed One
Its winter again - pouring rain, ghashly cold, pipes burst, oranges burst, big fires, bottils, marsala, frenzied palms. I do love Bogey so. Why?
Just because he is Bogey and he is mine & I am his. I dreamed last night I got home, arranged all my presents on a tray brought them to you & the ONLY one you picked out was the Russian spoon. "Tig what a charming spoon. Why didn't you buy 1/2 a dozen." And there was the tray with all the lovely things & I had to say - Dont you remember you sent it to me for my birthday? Wasn't that fearful. It really was. Country Life  has come. It has some flower pictures in it. Do you know Bogey (this is literally true) flower pictures affect me so much that I feel an instant tremendous excitement and delight. I mean as strong as if a great band played suddenly. I read a description of a certain pink magnolia which grows in Asia 150 feet high - the blooms are shell pink on silver stems & there are no leaves so that it has the appearance of a great flock of flamingos. This was illustrated. Boge I REALLY nearly fainted. I had to lie down - But when I come home & show you what Ive bought you you must nearly faint too. We'd better have Arthur there with buckets of water.  [To J. M. Murry in Collected Letters]