28 June 1922

Hotel d'Angleterre, Montana-sur-Sierre, Switzerland

Im awfully keen to see your new paintings. Last evening as I sat on a stump watching the herds pass I felt you may take furiously to cows & paint nothing but cows on green lawns with long shadows like triangles from this shaped tree and end with a very grave cow complex. I have one. Up till now I have always more than resisted the charm of cows but now its swep` over me all of a heap, Miss. Insects, too, even though my legs are both bitten off at the knee by large and solemn flies. Do you mind turning brown, too? Or peeling? I had better warn you. These things are bound to happen. And I am hatefully unsociable. Don't forget that. Its on the cards you may turn frightfully against me here and brain me with your Toby [ear-trumpet]. You see every day I work till 12.30 and again from 4.30 until supper - every blessed day Sundays included. Can you bear that? In the mornings we may even meet as I go abroad & sit under the trees. But I shall regard you as invisible & you will haughtily cut me. In this way, when we are free we feel free & not guilty. We can play & look at beetles in peace. I must get the ancient sisters to simplify their ideas of picnics, though. Today they brought M. boiled beef & trimmings in a saucepan. Its awful to open such a vessel under the very Eye of ones Maker. I like eggs, butter, bread and milk at picnics. But M. disagrees. He regards such tastes as female flippancy. [To Dorothy Brett, 22 June 1922.]