28 July 1922

Hotel Chateau Belle Vue, Sierre, Switzerland

lt is awfully kind of you to have sent me a copy of your lovely poem, Old Homes. Many, many thanks. I like especially the verse beginning:
   Thence, too, when high wind through the black clouds pouring - One walks straight into your chill, pale, wet world as one reads .... I love the sound of water in poetry.
   How are you, I wonder, and where are you spending the summer? It's the moment here when all the dahlias are out, every little child is eating a green apple, the vines have been cut down for the last time and the grapes are as big as marbles. In fact, this whole valley is one great ripening orchard. Heavens! how beautiful apple trees are! But you know these things a great deal better than I do.
   If H.M.T. [Tomlinson] is near by - give him my love, will you? [To Edmund Blunden, c.30 July 1922.]